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Welcome to Ajo Ambulance

Ajo Ambulance, Inc. began operations in 1991 with one ambulance, loaned to the community by the Arizona Department of Health Services, and two Basic EMTs.  Twenty  years later Ajo Ambulance employs 17 paramedics, 27 basic EMTs and support personnel.  The service operates seven trucks daily and averages 3000 calls per year.

Ajo Ambulance provides top notch Emergency Medical Services to the communities ofAjoWhy, and Lukeville in Western Pima County in southwestern Arizona.  Ajo Ambulance also serves the villages located on the western portion of theTohono O'odham Nation.             

Phoenix and Tucson provide the nearest public hospitals, as well as the nearest emergency rooms and trauma centers. Critical patients are usually taken to rendezvous point with a helicopter for transport to a hospital.

Sells Indian Hospital, provides primary, emergency, and in-patient care for members of the Tohono O'odham Nation. Most Tohono O'odham patients are initially taken to this facility.    Ajo Ambulance has five stations on the Tohono O’odham Nation.  Station 2 is located at the Santa Rosa Boarding School complex; Station 3 is located at San Simon, Station 5 is located in the Hickiwan Desert Trails RV Park,  Station 6 is located at Lower Covered Wells in Gu Achi District, and our newest station is located in the village of Jack Rabbit 20 miles north of Casa Grande, Az.  All of the Stations on the Nation are staffed by paramedics.  

Beginning November 1, 2012, we will begin accepting online payments via an easy-to-use electronic payment processing system.  For more information please call us at 520-387-4549 or you may speak with our Billing Department and set up a payment plan.

Ajo Ambulance will utilize the services from PaySimple.


To contact our Billing Department please call 520-387-6538




New link that allows you to determine if you qualify for Health Plans under the Federal Exchange and what plans may be available to you.




Arizona Medicaid Expansion Moving Forward




IMPORTANT: If tells you that you Are AHCCCS(Medicaid) eligible, please apply at


Many people that are seeking healthcare coverage are applying though the federally-facilitated Marketplace or insurance excange -  The Marketplace does not make AHCCCS eligibility determinations, but it does screen applicants for AHCCCS based on your income.  The Marketplace system will tell people who screen AHCCCS eligible that the State will complete their eligibility determination soon.

Recently, the federal government announced that 11,000 individuals had been assessed as Medicaid eligible through the Marketplace in Arizona.


The reality is AHCCCS does not have any applications that started from Since AHCCCS does not have those applications, no one has been made AHCCCS eligible if they applied on the Marketplace.  The federal government is not able to transfer applications of individuals that screen eligible for AHCCCS.  At this time, the federal government does not have a date by which they expect this capability to be functioning.  So...if the Marketplace screens you as AHCCCS eligible, you must apply for AHCCCS directly.  At some later date, yet to be determined, the Marketplace will automatically transfer your application to AHCCCS(Medicaid) and you will not do anything further.  If you believe that you may be AHCCCS eligible or have previously been on AHCCCS, you should begin the application process with AHCCCS.


Ajo Ambulanceis an AHCCCS partnership.  We can complete your application in our office.  Call Virgie Celaya at 520-387-6538  or Gail Valenzuela  at 520-387-3047 for more informaton.  Set up your appointment today.









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